LinkedIn open-sources its Pinot real-time analytics software

LinkedIn today is making its Pinot real-time analytics software to be had under an open-source license. It’s the recent major release of open-source software from LinkedIn, a company known for the usage of large quantities of data to enrich its own applications. The Pinot software, which LinkedIn talked about publicly for the first time in […]

Blending Agile and Waterfall: Both really work better than one (webinar)

Join us for this live webinar — Mixed Methodologies Pt II: Building successful outcomes — on Thursday, June 11 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here for free. When it comes to dev methodologies, it’s not uncommon to have teams religiously indoctrinated in either Agile or Waterfall. The adherence can be almost blinding, and according to Nick […]

Week in review: Skype outage affects tens of millions

Here’s our roundup of the of the week’s tech business news. (It’s shorter than usual, owing to the truth that there’s less going on throughout the holidays.) First, here are the most well liked stories VentureBeat published in the last seven days: Skype outage affects tens of millions — Skype suffered a widespread and lengthy […]

Tesla stock drops 16 percent, analysts pile on worries

As VentureBeat suggested on Thursday, the entry of new shares onto the market today has caused Tesla’s stock to drop.  The stock is trading down 16 percent today now that  the 180-day  post-IPO lockup period has ended and insiders are free to sell their shares. The stock is trading at $25.30, down 16 percent from its […]

The mobile effect: How to turbocharge your personalization (webinar)

Join us for this live webinar on Wednesday, November 4th at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here for free.  Personalization is as buzzy a word as any today with marketers racing to turn critical consumer data into hyper-relevant interactions. However, the potential that mobile offers to maximize consumer relevancy is vastly overlooked. We’re talking about the devices […]